Electroputere does not close – the decision was not taken


Bogdan Tudorache

Although only one of the Electroputere sections is still operational, the one of electric transformers, the company announces that it will not close the production, according to a report presented to the Stock Exchange.

“Regarding the articles published in the press regarding the closure of the Electroputere production, we make it clear that no such decision has been approved by the Board of Directors, by the General Meeting of Shareholders or by any other competent body of the Electroputere”, says the report.

In 2019, the electric transformers section had a single contract – for the repairs of a transformer of the Cernavoda plant.

Last summer, nearly 300 of the more than 500 employees were laid off. The members of the union announced in November the closure of the company until the end of 2019.


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