Electricity on the Romanian market was, on Monday, the cheapest in the region


Romania had, on Monday, the cheapest spot electricity market in the region, against the backdrop of large hydro power production, according to Transelectrica and OPCOM data.

Thus, the average price of energy delivered on Monday was of 47.51 euros per MWh in Romania, while in Hungary, energy costs 49.01 euros per MWh, and in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, 49.04 euros per MWh, according to Agerpres .

At 10:30, the country’s consumption was of 8,385 MW, the production was of 8,633 MW, and the rest of 248 MW were exports.

In the top of the sources was the hydro power, with 2,143 MW, hydrocarbons – 1,783 MW, coal – 1,694 MW, nuclear – 1,388 MW, wind – 1,378 MW, photovoltaic – 183 MW, biomass – 64 MW.


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