Electricity consumption of the population increased by 19.4%


The final electricity consumption in the first seven months of the current year was 32.556 billion kWh, 0.3% higher than in the corresponding period of 2018, while the public lighting increased by 12.5 %, and the population consumption rose by 19.4%, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INS) published on Wednesday.

Primary energy resources increased by 2.9% in the mentioned period, and those of electricity decreased by 3% compared to the same period in 2018.

The main primary energy resources from January 1 to July 31, 2019 totaled 20,317 million tonnes of oil equivalent (toe), increasing by 571,700 toe compared to January 1, July 31, 2018, according to Agerpres.

Domestic production accounted for 11.833 million toe, decreasing by 262,800 toe over the same period of the previous year, and the import was of 8.484 million toe.

During this period, electricity resources amounted to 38.251 billion kWh, decreasing by 1.198 billion kWh, compared to the corresponding period of 2018.


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