Electrica paid, in 2019, contributions amounting to almost 1.1 billion lei to the budget


The Electrica Group paid, in 2019, contributions amounting to 1.098 billion lei to the state and local budgets, according to the fourth sustainability report, which presents the non-financial results obtained by the company last year.

“We are pleased to make available to stakeholders, for the fourth year in a row, the Group’s Sustainability Report, which transparently shows the impact of our company on the economy, the environment and society. And because sustainability is the basic principle of our business model, we have focused our efforts on, in addition to business excellence and responsibility to our 3.8 million users, to have an active involvement in the life of the communities in which we operate and of which we like to believe that we are an integrant part,” said Corina Popescu, general manager of Electrica.

The report indicates that last year the Electrica Group made investments worth three million lei in the field of biodiversity protection and 11.68 million lei in the field of environmental protection.

Out of the total of 375.16 tons of hazardous waste generated at Group level in 2019, 48% were recovered and recycled, 42% are temporarily stored for recovery or disposal over the next year, approximately 8% are permanently stored in conditions of safety, while less than 2% of the waste was disposed of by incineration, according to Agerpres.

During 2019, the Group continued to be actively involved in the community and financially supported social causes through prestigious non-governmental organizations in Romania. Electrica has invested, in total, over 540,000 euro through social responsibility programs, almost twice as much as in the previous year.


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