E.ON offers consumers relatively equal prices for universal and competitive services over the next six months


Bogdan Tudorache

E.ON Energie România will grant a commercial discount to the company’s customers who, after January 1, 2021, did not opt for concluding a competitive contract for the electricity supply service.

This comes after the ANRE’s approval, on Wednesday, of an order according to which companies can grant discounts equal to the difference between the price of the universal service and their best offer without a subscription for the competitive market.

In the case of E.ON, the universal service price is of 0.340 lei per kWh, and the offer without subscription on the competitive market is of 0.339 lei per kWh, so the reduction will be a tenth of a ban – almost imperceptible for an average household consumption of 100 kW/ monthly (10 bani). The reduction is granted, however, to the price of energy, on the top of which, in the bill, other taxes add up.

“The discount will be equal to the difference between the price of the universal service and the price in the competitive offer that the company will send in the coming weeks to its customers. The period for which this discount will be applied is from January 1, 2021 until the time when customers have concluded a new competitive contract, but not later than June 30, 2020,” say the company’s representatives, quoted by Agerpres.

Consumers that do not want to choose any competitive offer or have not yet decided on the one that best suits their needs do not need to take any action. E.ON will continue to provide them with the electricity supply service based on the current contract, at the price from the universal service offer, valid for 12 months, of 0.340 lei/kWh, respectively 0.56338 lei/kWh (with the tariffs of transport, distribution and system services included). It should be noted that the price does not contain green certificates, contribution for high efficiency cogeneration, VAT and excise.


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