E.ON: More than a third of Romanians would buy an electric car


The interest for electric cars is at the highest levels in Romania and Italy, as 36% of the respondents questioned in a study conducted by E.ON and Kantar were in favor of electric powered vehicles. The study also shows that Diesel engines are in decline in Europe.

On the other hand, although known to be passionate about engines and state-of-the-art technology, only 16% of Germans surveyed – and that admitted that they plan to buy a car – would opt for an electric one.

At European level, the Czechs are even more skeptical than the Germans, only 13% of them being open to the idea that their next car has electric propulsion, the study reveals.

“The reasons why an electric car is not, in all cases, the first option for the next car purchase are different, but it is certain that the first places are held by the high price, the still low density of charging stations and the problem of autonomy,” says the study.

For Romanians, the main restraint in buying such a car is the price, indicated by 44% of those who responded.


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