E.ON launches the first 100% renewable energy product


Starting this week, E.ON provides home customers with a new electricity product, E.ON Green Home, which consists of electricity coming entirely from renewable sources: wind, solar and hydro.

This approach of E.ON, to which customers are invited to join, aims to contribute to a greener future, by realizing the importance of using energy from renewable sources as a solution to reduce pollution and improve people’s quality of life.

“Each of us expresses in one way or another the concern about the effects of human activity on the environment. That is why it is important to find sustainable solutions such as E.ON Green Home, which will give the right to current and future generations to enjoy nature and a friendly environment. The launch of this product contributes to achieving E.ON’s goal of reducing its carbon footprint,” says Claudia Griech, Deputy General Manager of E.ON Energie Romania.

To sign the contract online, customers need the latest electricity bill from your current supplier and a copy of the ID card. Another advantage of this product is the automatic activation of the electronic invoice.


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