E.ON has invested 3.5 million euros in 8 years for the modernization of schools, 550,000 euros in 2019 alone


The program “Energy in the schools of childhood”, carried out since 2012 by the company E.ON Romania, has so far received over 3.5 million euro for the improvement of the study conditions and the efficiency of the energy consumption by lighting based on LED technology of the classrooms. The program covered 63 school units in 18 counties, with about 40,000 students and teachers as direct beneficiaries. In total, 32,500 new lighting units and 80,000 LED tubes were installed, according to the company.

LED technology units bring significant electricity savings for lighting, which will translate to beneficiaries through smaller electricity bills. Moreover, LED lighting has a life expectancy of several times longer than conventional systems, between 50,000 and 100,000 hours of operation, and a higher brightness, respectively 98% of the natural one.

The project continued this year in 9 schools in Cluj, Timiș, Alba, Neamț, Botoșani and Suceava counties, replacing 5,000 units and installing 12,000 LED tubes, following an investment of 550,000 euro that will be in the benefit of 5,300 students and teachers.

“We are constantly involved in social responsibility projects for the communities in which we operate, and supporting education is one of the strategic directions pursued within these concerns. We want to contribute actively to the formation of the next generation, to the increase of the school performances and to the improvement of the conditions in the classrooms,” said Anca Dragu, Deputy General Director of E.ON Romania.


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