E.ON extends the project “smart village” in 19 localities in Arad and Timiș counties


Through an initiative launched in 2018, the company E.ON Energie Romania has set out to support local administrations to achieve energy saving objectives.

Within the scope of smart systems there are hospitals, schools and sports halls, local government offices, street lighting networks, but also other categories of objectives such as water purification stations.

Through an E.ON project, starting this year, 16 localities from Arad county (Aluniş, Neudorf, Chesinte, Zăbrani, Fântânele, Tisa Nouă, Beliu, Vasile Goldiș, Secaciu, Bochia, Benești, Uzusau, Bruznic, Dorgoș, Pătraș and Sabalt), respectively 3 from Timis county (Sânandrei, Covaci and Carani) are preparing to become “smart villages”.

The modernization of interior lighting systems in buildings of the local and street public administrations has already been completed in some localities in Arad county, in others being implemented. There have also been carried out works of ambient lighting of the buildings, extensions of the street lighting networks, and also the modernization of sports fields, by mounting installations and lamps with low energy consumption. Next comes the installation of photovoltaic panels, charging stations for electric cars of “fast charge” type, as well as the air conditioning of some buildings. Also in Timiș county, work has begun on energy efficiency in the units of local public administration in Sânandrei, Covaci and Carani.


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