E.ON: Delgaz Grid invested over 90 mln. euro in distribution


Delgaz Grid, a member of the E.ON Romania group, has invested 428 million lei (over 90 million euro) this year mainly for the modernization of natural gas and electricity distribution networks, the company announced.

Thus, over 202 million lei (43 million euros) were invested in the gas distribution system, which was rehabilitated and modernized on a length of about 320 km. At the same time, the network was extended by over 110 km (especially connections for connecting new customers).

At the same time, the value of investments in the electricity network was of about 225 million lei (47.6 million euro). Modernization works were carried out in 61 transformation stations, four more being integrated into SCADA (data acquisition and remote control). The electrical network has been upgraded for over 300 km, including the installation of remote-controlled equipment; 220 transformation stations have been replaced and 11 units have been integrated into SCADA. About 24 km of new networks were built to improve the voltage level, the company said.

This year Delgaz Grid obtained a European financing for an investment of over 31 million lei in Vaslui county. Within the project, the transformation stations of Huşi, Stanilesti, Vetrişoaia, Fălciu and Murgeni (110/ 20kV) will be modernized by replacing high and medium voltage equipment. Also, the necessary conditions for the integration into SCADA of the five transformation stations will be created. So far, co-financing has been obtained for 9 projects whose total value exceeds 170 million lei.

The company currently has 14 charging stations for electric vehicles, part of the NEXT – E project, financed from European funds, already operational. A new station will be launched in Târgu Mureș, at the beginning of next year and will mark the completion of the “Iași – Tg Mures electric highway”. Through the NEXT -E project, 40 fast electric car charging stations will be installed in Romania (19 by E.ON Energia Romania and 21 by MOL Romania).

Since 2005, E.ON Romania has supported with over 14 million euro numerous social responsibility projects in the communities in which it operates, the total number of beneficiaries of these initiatives amounting to approximately 310,000. Only in the field of education were projects over 6.5 million euro, benefiting over 200,000 children.


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