E.ON and Engie support the need for a new tariff liberalization schedule


The two major gas suppliers in Romania, E.ON and Engie, think that a sudden pass from a capped price to a higher market price, if GEO 114 is applied in its current form, would create a lot of dissatisfaction for household customers, and a solution would be a timetable for price liberalization for a period of three years.

The solution was advanced by Eric Stab, general manager of Engie Romania. “What will happen to all household consumers when the effects of GEO 114 will cease? Now the price is 68 lei (price that will be maintained until 2022 – e.n.) but if then the market price will be 140 lei / MWh? How can such an increase be sustained?”, Stab said at the second edition of the Romanian International Gas Conference, according to e-nergia.ro.

“We have to make the transition from the state capped price to the market price in that time. The solution is a liberalization calendar, a gradual introduction of the market price. Then the passage will be easily done,” Stab said.

Aslo Anca Dragu, deputy general director of E.ON Romania, supports the idea. “Yes, all participants in this market want a functioning market, where the price is free to form. It’s the only solution. It can not be done from one day to the next, but in a time,” Dragu said.


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