Dudău: Government must urgently solve the situation of the Black Sea gas exploitation


Bogdan Tudorache

It is important that the members of the gov’t, whoever they will be, solve the situation of the Black Sea deposits, as it is not clear what will happen there, said Radu Dudău, director of the Energy Policy Group. “A delay can be very dangerous,” added Dudău.

The discoveries in the Black Sea and the deep onshore geological potential give our country the prospect of developing significant new reserves of natural gas, which is the most important type of primary energy in the Romanian economy. However, the development and production of these resources requires investments of billions of euros. In order to further attract investments of this size, Romania needs a coherent, predictable and stable regulatory environment, resulting from the in-depth consultation of stakeholders, he said.. In particular, the upstream segment requires a fair and competitive fiscal framework, which will stimulate investments.

Another decisive factor for making investments in these new deposits is the access of producers to the regional gas markets. “In addition, we must have a functioning gas market, and interconnections must become functional. Only then can we talk about a gas hub,” said Dudău.


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