Doru Visan: The renewable target of 27.9% will change, we will negotiate with the EC


Bogdan Tudorache

Romania will have a higher target for renewables and the 27.9% renewable energy of consumption for 2030 will most likely be increased, State Secretary of the Ministry of Energy Doru Visan says, explaining that Romania should also promote also small storage projects. “They will force this target, because Romania has potential,” Doru Visan told

“Storage … I think we will have negotiations on the most important act of 2019, the PNIESC, which will continue to materialize in the development of renewable energies. This will be extremely difficult internally, we will negotiate a renewable energy package, a storage package. It is premature to define this storage, but the bigger size remains (he refers to Tarnita project)- I think we need to take steps, as other countries did, towards smaller storage sizes.

Regarding the target of 27.9% for renewables, Vișan said: “I am waiting for negotiations here … I am going to negotiate with the EU the full package”, making it clear that this quota will be increased.

At the same time, the problem of the thermal energy has to be solved, says Visan. “The thermal … in fact, cogeneration… I consider it a great challenge, and maybe the last train we do not have to lose. If Romania succeeds in promoting the capacities in cogeneration in large cities and with a correlated electrical component … in the short term it would be the greatest achievement. It solves essential issues for system safety and population health. Now we have inefficient capacities, at very high costs, and we all make special efforts and we support the budget for these losses to ensure the comfort of our homes.”


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