Distrigaz Sud Reţele invested 280 mln. lei in the gas distribution network


Distrigaz Sud Reţele invested in 2019 about 280 million lei in the rehabilitation, modernization and expansion of the natural gas distribution network. Thus, in the course of 2019, 130 km of pipes and connections were refurbished, while 20 adjustment-measurement stations and 35,000 adjustment stations were upgraded.

Also, also in 2019, the natural gas distribution network was extended by 150 km in areas where concession contracts and operating licenses already existed and 50 km were realized within the new natural gas concessions.

In order to optimize the distribution network management process, the integration of all customers with a significant gas consumption in the automatic monitoring system (Automatic Meter Reading) was continued, with 7,100 such devices and 3,400 smart meters installed.

In order to develop the distribution network, the company asked the Ministry of Energy to expand the concession area for 43 localities, the length of the distribution network to be achieved being of about 109 km. Also, Distrigaz Sud Networks participated in the tenders that have as object the concession of the distribution service and signed concession contracts for the towns of Tismana (Gorj county) and Lisa (Brasov county), with a total length of 68 km of network.

Between 2005 and 2019, the company replaced 4,330 km of steel pipes and connections and expanded the distribution network by about 6,000 km, with total investments amounting to about 720 million euros.


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