Distributie Oltenia tests new automation and monitoring solutions for the low and medium voltage network in Teleorman and Dolj


Distributie Oltenia has registered an important progress in creating a smart distribution system by implementing two pilot projects that allow it to monitor, analyze, predict and control online some network sections in Teleorman and Dolj counties, the company announced.

The international project SOGNO is financed 100% from European funds under the “Horizon 2020” Program, as CEZ Group in Romania, through its operator Oltenia Distribution is one of the 13 international partners of the project aimed at developing innovative solutions to many of the challenges encountered by distribution operators in the operational activity (monitoring, analysis, prediction, planning, control and automation).

The project coordinator is Ericsson GmbH Germany, and the members of the project consortium include the Romanian Energy Center, the University of Bologna in Italy, the Rheinisch-Westfaelische Technische Hochschule Aachen – RWTH, in Germany, ESB Network LTD Dublin, The National Microelectronics Application Center LTD – Ireland and BAUM Consult GMBH.

Distributie Oltenia has currently implemented and monitors several medium and low voltage power lines in Teleorman County, through specialized sets of sensors mounted in the network. Both domestic consumers, prosumers and economic agents are connected to these networks.


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