Deloitte: More than half of global organizations consider blockchain technology an essential strategic direction


More than half (53%) of global organizations consider blockchain technology a key strategic direction for development, with four out of ten respondents planning to invest each, this year, more than five million dollars to develop solutions based on this technology,says the Deloitte Global Blockchain 2019 study.

According to research results, only about a quarter (23%) of the respondents have taken steps in blockchain implementation, while 43% of respondents believe that technology generates an exaggerated enthusiasm.

The number of those who want to replace the current planning and blockchain systems has increased by 12% this year compared to 2018, reaching 23% and a similar percentage is aimed at developing new business models and value chains, while speeding in processes in the production or delivery phase counts for 17% of those surveyed, according to Agerpres.

Among the respondents of the Deloitte Global Blockchain 2019 study are both emerging company leaders who are building their business model around blockchain technology as well as leading companies, for whom the blockchain is not a business model component and await slower results from the implementation of these technologies. Thus, three out of five organizations responded that they expected to see the results of blockchain implementation within three years, compared to four out of five emerging companies.

The Deloitte Global Blockchain 2019 survey was conducted earlier this year on a sample of nearly 1,400 respondents in 12 countries. In Europe, the survey included approximately 400 respondents from Germany, the UK, Switzerland and Luxembourg.


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