Cristina Pruna: The state received 1.93 bln. lei from natural gas production taxation, in the first eight months


The Romanian state received from the taxation of the natural gas production 1.93 billion lei, in the first eight months of this year, reveals the USR Deputy Cristina Pruna, in a post on Facebook, following an interpellation made to The Ministry of Finance.

For comparison, in 2018, the total amount reached at the state budget at the end of the year was 2.2 billion lei, she said. “The figures were provided to me by the Ministry of Finance following an interpellation I submitted more than two months ago!”, says Cristina Pruna.

According to the answer to the interpellation quoted by, the figures refer to royalties and additional tax. The deputy explains: “This surplus was obtained on account of the price explosion borne by industrial consumers and on the basis of contracts concluded by companies for domestic consumers before GEO 114 entered into force from 1 April. Have your gas or power been any cheaper, somehow? I do not think so.

If we look at the revenue trend, the state’s profit at the end of this year could be at least 400 million lei more than in 2018.”


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