Creţu (Elcen): I do not know how we will pass though the winter


There is no clear vision of investments in the energy sector and it is not known how we will spend this winter, given that Electrocentrale Bucureşti (Elcen), the producer of heat and hot water in the Capital, has been in a critical situation for several years, said, on Monday, Claudiu Creţu, the special administrator of the company.

“The energy sector is, as a whole, like a boat, like a ship. If we forget that on the upper floors there are some holes down there, it is possible that the ship will sink completely. Believe me I don’t want to look at all catastrophic, but the situation is very serious. At this moment, we do not know how we will pass through this winter, and the problem is that we act willy-nilly, that is to extinguish fires that appear here and there, such as GEO 114, the vulnerable consumer, an infringement comes up, but there is no clear vision of investments, where we can actually see what we will do and how we ensure the security of energy supply,” said Creţu, quoted by Agerpres.

He recalled that Elcen has been in a critical situation for about seven years. “The biggest sin we have is the postponement. We postpone, postpone, time goes by and some things that we do not do in time are reaching us,” Creţu added.

According to him, Elcen’s interest is to have a free, competitive market, where it can buy gas at the best price. “We are not at all scared of the concept of a free gas market, if this is reflected in reality, through an effective liquid market, the offer should be as high as possible, from there the balance comes. At this moment there is no liquid market. Elcen is captive to Romgaz now, and for us it will be good to have a free market, “Creţu said.


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