Costel Alexe: 1,225 electric cars are already reserved


The market for new and used cars collapsed in May. Studies show a decrease of 45% for new cars and 30% for used ones. Instead, there is a significant increase in the electric car market, of up to 30%.

“The car industry has suffered globally in this pandemic. I am confident that by the end of the year, the 60,000 vouchers for Rabla Classic that the government is supporting will be purchased. Next week we will meet with the management of the Administration of the Environmental Fund and with those in the automotive industry to see how we can support it, so that all Romanians benefit from this program. (…) As for electric cars, we have already reserved 1.225 for 2020, out of a total of 3.000 as we set out this year. It should be mentioned that for the Rabla Plus program we have an additional budget this year from 90 million lei to 140. It is the largest budget increase that this program has had,” said Costel Alexe, Minister of Environment, according to TVR.

“Rabla funds cover 60,000 vouchers and at this moment, almost 20,000 have been reserved, not yet invoiced. The market is trying to recover, probably there will not be very high demands in the next period either. As for Rabla Plus, it is about 30% higher than last year. The budget is almost 100% higher than last year,” says Marius Tudor, general secretary of the Association of Car Manufacturers and Importers (APIA), according to


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