Coronavirus increases demand for wind & solar investments


The coronavirus pandemic has prompted major sell-offs in global markets, but demand for renewable energy investments remains strong, said German asset management firm Aream in a press release. “We are observing an enormously increased demand,” said CEO Markus W. Voigt. The company specialises in investments in renewable energy infrastructure with a focus on wind and solar. Voigt said one advantage of renewable energy investments is that their value is not correlated with other investments that might be losing value right now. “The obvious advantage is that renewables do not correlate with other asset classes,” Voigt said, adding they provided regular revenues, “which is particularly important for offsetting falling equity profits,” according to Clean Energy Wire.

Voigt noted that renewable energy producers in Germany are somewhat insulated from the impact of quarantines related to the coronavirus pandemic, since they are generally considered critical infrastructure providers and allowed to keep operating. Aream says demand is highest for diversified portfolios with a mix of different energy sources, locations and purchase agreements, as the best hedge against disruptions caused by the coronavirus.


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