Corneliu Bodea: The main thing missing when it comes to strategy is the vision


This is the transcript of the message delivered by Corneliu Bodea – President CRE and Adrem Invest and Adrem Automation representative, on the occasion of Energy Strategy Summit, event organized in June 4 at Cantacuzino Palace, in Bușteni.

Good afternoon. I would like to thank you for the invitation to participate in the Energy Strategy Summit. I am honored to address you and I will begin with a brief overview of the Romanian Energy Center (CRE). The Romanian Energy Center is a non-governmental organization that identifies, supports and independently and fairly represents the interests of its members. This association brings together major energy companies operating in Romania. It is true that not all the major energy companies are present. So, allow me to extend an invitation to all who wish to become members CRE: to dare ! We are committed and have a native Romanian dimension of the organization and an European dimension, because we have an office in Brussels and one of the main objectives of CRE is the representation of Romanian energy to the European Union in Brussels, with advocacy actions, influence, supporting the Romanian energy sector, in the decisions taken there.

Allow me to extend an invitation to all who wish to become members CRE: to dare !
We believe it is an extremely important, especially now, as you know, the European Council adopted and decided to engage in what is called energy union – a concept that will change, I believe, rapidly and substantially what we’re used to have energy today.

I must make a confession that I am somehow saved in my intervention, by the fact that earlier Mr. Mihai David was stopped and he didn’t receive an answer to a question from the previous panel, regarding the vision, because he would have depleted the main theme of my speech from today. I will refer also to the vision, a subject that may appear quite haunting in my last public intervention. I am referring here to a vision in the context of energy strategy, which involves three distinct phases: vision, strategy and tactics. I think the main thing that is missing when it comes to strategy is the previous step, namely the vision. The vision should answer the question “what we want for Romania in terms of energy?”. What is the reason why the Romanian energitcs exist ? Recently, I conducted a dialogue with a good friend, otherwise a successful manager in an energy company in Romania, and discussing about the strategy he told me “well, but what does that mean, what should Romania do?”. Does Romania have the vision to produce enough energy for consumption in Romania ? Or to become an energy producer for the European consumers? To become the best producer ? To become a hub ? You see, all these things are extremely important. Together with my colleagues from the CRE, I believe that these ideas should be placed directly before addresing the strategy aspect, and then ask ourselves how we will achieve our vision and strategy through an appropriate tactic. I want to enroll in the same trend to be efficient with time and end my intervention by launching several small challenges in terms of energy strategy.

We speak today of more and more consumers, I believe that nobody from the energy sector looks the other way and does not place at the center of concern the consumer, and I mean big consumers but also the small customers, anyone who does not do this will not succeed in energy. Today the paradigm is changed, the producers are no longer in the center of the image, nor the transporters and distributors, but the consumer. The consumer wants to be informed, the European rules and regulations are pushing forward for this. Moreover, another challenge is related to the distributed generation. Romania has joined this trend. It passed a legislation that supports the distributed generation and, here, we must ask ourselves what happens if 100,000 prosumers from Romania decide to install 100 kW capacities. What happens ? Who takes over this energy ? Who puts up with the system ? What happens to the producers ? What happens to the transporter ? How will  the system balance such a scenario ?

The issues related to the energy efficiency are another challenge that I raise up. Romania is the second to last in Europe regarding this respect. Finally, the stimulation of the consumption was mentioned earlier by Ambassador [Mihnea] Constantinescu. Regarding electricity, Romania is on one of the last places in Europe in terms of consumption per capital, which is something gratifying that there is some capacity, but on the other hand worrying.

Thank you for your attention.


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