Corneliu Bodea (CRE): Romania should be more active in Brussels


Corneliu Bodea, president of the Romanian Energy Center and executive director of Adrem, welcomed the fact that Romania is advancing in shaping a new energy strategy,”adapted to the challenges of the moment and opened to a vision”. In the debates regarding the “European policies to promote sustainable energy development”, in the second day of FOREN 2016, Corneliu Bodea advocated that Romania should act more efficiently at Brussels, within the European Union institutions.

“We must be more active. We must affirm our interests more seriously and more strongly, because there are many risks. The risk is that in an interconnected market – either the electricity market, or the gas market – cheap energy is consumed elsewhere in the region,” warned Corneliu Bodea. In such a scenario the Romanian consumer would be exposed to prices, resulting from the free market, but unsuited for its level of affordability, said the president of CRE. “We also need to pay attention to what is happening in the industry. To strengthen industry for it to become what it should be and what it once was, Romania needs a competitive energy sector, with good market prices for the Romanian producers,” Corneliu Bodea insisted.


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  1. STRATEGIE.Subiectul energie ieftina va trebui tratat unitar la nivel de UE, aparat prin legislatii corespunzatoare.Exista tentatii permanente in goana dupa profit, pentru a vinde energie la preturi ridicate cu implcatii in nivelul de trai al populatiei.Monitorizarea resurselor de energie ieftina duce implicit la stimularea investitiilor rentabile cu rezultate rapide de crestere a economiilor respective.

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