Cornel Feruță lost the competition for the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency


Argentine diplomat Rafael Grossi was elected on Tuesday to head the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), according to The New York Times, citing the Associated Press. His main counter-candidate was the Romanian diplomat Cornel Feruță, currently interim director of the Agency.

The IAEA has begun the process of selecting a new CEO after the death of Japanese Yukiya Amano in July, according to

Four candidates participated in the initial selection process. After two rounds, the Argentinian Rafael Grossi and the Romanian Cornel Feruță remained in the race, being close to a draw. On Monday, after a new poll, Rafael Grossi obtained a majority of votes, but not two-thirds of what he would need to become director. On Tuesday, after a new round, Grossi obtained two-thirds of the necessary votes.


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