Control report at the Ministry of Energy: The objective pursued through the PNI will be partially achieved, respectively an execution degree of 58.17%


The funds accumulated in the account of the National Investment Plan (PNI) will not be fully utilized, and the objective pursued regarding the modernization of the energy sector will be partially achieved, respectively a degree of execution of the PNI of 58.17%, according to the report prepared by the Control Body of the prime minister following an inquiry at the Ministry of Energy (ME).

“In view of the fact that there is no possibility to conclude other contracts with the beneficiaries of the investments envisaged in the PNI, at the end of the period of implementation of the investments in the PNI (2020) not all the funds will be used in the account of this plan, and the objective pursued, provided for in the Romanian Application for the modernization of the energy sector, will be partially achieved, respectively, an execution rate of 58.17% of PNI,” concludes the document quoted by Agerpres.

The control action from the Ministry of Energy (ME) concerned the period from January 1, 2013 – October 16, 2019 and aimed at verifying the procedure of implementing the National Investment Plan (PNI) by the Commission for the monitoring and implementation of the PNI.


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