CONPET obtains higher tariffs for the transport of crude oil, gasoline, condensate and ethane


The National Agency of Mineral Resources – NAMR approved the tariffs for the transport of crude oil, rich gas, condensate and ethane via the national transport system applicable starting with June 19, 2018, announces CONPET in a market release published on the Bucharest Stock Exchange website.

For the domestic transport activity, the tariff increased from 79.75 RON/ton to 84.37 RON/ton (5.8%).

For the import transport activity, a change of the batches has been approved, meaning that the existent batch from 100 thousand tons/month increased to 120 thousand tons / month, the tariffs remaining unchanged for the Arpechim and Ploiești Basin refineries.

For the Midia refinery, the tariff has increased from 8 RON/ton to 27 RON/ton for the batch of less than 120 thousand tons/month and from 7.33 RON/ton to 24.74 RON/ton for the batch of more than 120 thousand tons/month, informs CONPET.

The main business partners of CONPET are OMV Petrom, Lukoil, Rompetrol.


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