Compulsory gas stocks for next winter fall by 13%


ANRE recently published the order regarding the obligatory quantities of gas to be stored for consumption in the future cold season. The quantities to which the suppliers are obliged are 13% lower than those for last winter, writes

Thus, natural gas suppliers must have accumulated gas stocks of 20.54 million MWh, by the end of October, according to a recently approved ANRE decision. The stock is almost 13% lower than last winter, considering that the minimum storage obligation was of 23.5 million MWh.

Mostly, in terms of volume, compulsory stocks for final home consumers fell to 8.6 TWh, compared to 10.3 TWh last winter. For the producers of thermal energy (only for the quantities of natural gas used for the production of thermal energy in the cogeneration plants and in the thermal plants destined for the consumption of the population), the obligation of storage is also smaller, of 2.8 TWh, decreasing compared to about 4 TWh of winter passed. The compulsory stock to be set up for non-domestic final customers increases slightly, at 9.15 TWh, compared to the 9.04 TWh related to last winter.


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