Competition to approve RADET – ELCEN merger


“I see signals coming from the press, I have not received anything official yet and I cannot even pronounce myself firmly, but I do not expect any problems to arise, from our point of view, with regards to the union of ELCEN with RADET. We have communicated this to the Government since two years ago when it first came into question and I do not think things have changed dramatically since then”, said Chiriţoiu, quoted by Agerpres.

The General Advisors of the Capital adopted on Friday the draft resolution under which the Bucharest Municipality may acquire the shares package at Electrocentrale Bucuresti, owned by the Ministry of Energy and the National Natural Gas Company Romgaz SA.

The advantages of such measures were supported by the minister of Energy Toma Petcu, in the discussions held within the General Council. He said that initially he wanted the intended transfer to be free of charge, but this is no longer possible since 2014 when the Constitutional Court ruled that the transfer of shares of Constanta Harbour toawrds the Constanta City Council was illegal, and the only possibility is selling the shares at face value.


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