Competition authorized the outsourcing of services by Omv Petrom


Competition Council authorized the transactions through which OMV Petrom SA outsources some general surface operations and services related to the extraction and production activities of crude oil and natural gas, together with the servicing assets and employees, to the Dietscon O&M S.R.L. consortium (leader), Dietsmann S.R.L., Dietsmann Safety and Environment Services S.R.L. and Confind S.R.L. (Dietscon consortium) and to the association Bonatti SpA, Bucharest Branch (leader) and Bonatti RO PARMA S.R.L.

Thus, both the Dietscon consortium and the Bonatti association are to sign a framework agreement with OMV Petrom for the provision of surface and transport services, minor operation and maintenance services, fire and rescue services, field operation services, services operating in facilities, operating services in treatment facilities.

Following a procurement procedure, the Dietscon consortium was designated the highest ranked bidder for lots D (Moldova production area) and E (Crișana production area), and the Bonatti association will manage the services for lot C (Muntenia production area ).

The procedure involves the sale of movable property, the rental of real estate, and the transfer of employees to the Dietscon consortium and the Bonatti association, while at the end of the framework agreement, some assets are to be returned to OMV Petrom.

The Competition Council analyzed these operations and found that they do not raise significant obstacles to effective competition on the Romanian market or on a substantial part of it and that there are no serious doubts about their compatibility with a normal competitive environment.


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