Grup Servicii Petroliere

Grup Servicii Petroliere
NameGrup Servicii Petroliere
SectorOil and Gas
DefiningGSP is the largest Romanian entrepreneurial business and has made it to the 2011 Deloitte CE Top 500, ranking 2nd place, with a growth of 150% in 2010.
Brief Turnover: 813.04 mil. lei
Profit: 143.5965 mil. lei
Employees: 364
Key People Gabriel Comănescu - President
Radu Petrescu - Corporate Communication & Marketing Manager
"Grup Servicii Petroliere (GSP) performs offshore integrated services for oil&gas industry. GSP operates an extensive and diversified fleet including seven mobile offshore drilling rigs and nine multifunctional offshore support vessels, one MEDEVAC and three construction vessels. Dynamic, oriented towards the achievement of higher standards of professionalism, and with a determined development policy, GSP has engaged its offshore drilling rigs in an extensive modernization process in order to offer the best services to its beneficiaries. GSP values the people, respects the environment, and shows reliability. Our employees capitalize more than 15 years of professional experience in the branch, having worked all over the world.
Constanta Port, Berth 34, Post Office Box 11 – 18, Postal Code 900900, Romania
+4.0241.55.52.55, +4.0241.55.52.57
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