Grup Feroviar Român

Grup Feroviar Român
NameGrup Feroviar Român
DefiningGrup Feroviar Român is the national leader in the transport of petroleum products and it permanently extends its area of activity in the field of more diversified transports of goods – coal, aggregates, broken stone, slag, cement, clinker, cereals and other.
Brief Turnover: 813.68 mil. lei
Profit: 28.8246 mil. lei
Employees: 2368
Key People Gruia Stoica - Owner
Sorin Chinde - General Manager
Grup Feroviar Român S.A. is an integrally private company. Its main object of activity is the provision of freight railway transport services and services related to railway transport.
Our registered results, our potential and our availability, our own fleet of wagons and lomotives, our transport, maintenance and repair capacities are destined to guarantee secure and quality services and they recommend our company as one of the most important railway operators in Romania.
2001 - S.C. Grup Feroviar Român S.A. starts its activity as a shunting operator.
2002 - GFR enters the railway transport market providing services for Petrom (currently member of the OMV Group).
2002 - 2005 – GFR extends its market share of petroleum product transport; it provides services for important companies such as Petrom, Conpet and RAFO.
2005 - GFR gives an increases attention to the transport of bulk goods in uncovered wagons, starting to collaborate with important companies from the field of constructions, mining, metallurgy, such as: HOLCIM, LaFarge, ArcelorMital, Compania Naţională a Huilei (National Pitcoal Mining Company), etc.
2008 - Grup Feroviar Român begins to perform international transport operations via the Northern frontier of the country. It is the first private operator in Romania to collaborate with the Ukrainian Railways.
2010 - GFR performs the first transport from Romania to the Republic of Moldova, thus marking the beginning of the collaboration with the Railway of Moldova.
2010 - since august GFR is the most important provider of railway services for S.C. Petrotel LUKOIL S.A
2010 - since december GFR is the most important provider for railway shunting and transport services for ROMPETROL Group N.V.
114 Calea Victoriei, Sector 1, Bucureşti, România 010092
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