Electro Exim

Electro Exim
NameElectro Exim
SectorEquipment Provider
DefiningELECTRO EXIM undertakes a variety of export-import activities in electrical and power industries in the production, transmission and distribution of electricity.
Brief Turnover: 2.23 mil. lei
Profit: 0.39 mil. lei
Employees: 5
We are your ideal partner in providing safety solutions for power supply, providing a wide range of generators (gensets) to ensure optimal operation of your electrical equipment. We are with you to identify the solution that best suits your needs whether you are a domestic or industrial user.
To help you choose the right generator, please visit the following link to see what other customers have chosen of us, depending on the activity.
First of all we would like to bring to your attention a few considerations that we consider to be important when choosing a device such as a generator.
Although often depend on its budget, given that buying a generator is a long term investment, its lifespan is somewhere over 30 years to use back-up, you may be aware of these things when choosing a generator:
• Equipment generator engine reputation, preferably with representatives in Romania (Perkins, Volvo, Iveco, Yanmar, John Deere, Cummins, etc.) as this will ensure that anytime in the future you will find on the market consumables and spare parts, if needed.
• When you compare generators, consider the quality of their components. Generator components wear out even when the generator works very least, as a back-up (older materials, eg. Seals, tires, especially those that are not quality). It is therefore important quality components that generator is fitted, which will ultimately decide the life of a generator and its maintenance cost. Do not forget that after the expiration of the warranty, remedy any problems is in your account You can expect small component parts of a generator much cheaper to wear out soon and therefore increase the chances that the generator do not even start when you need it . It is totally wrong to think that a back-up generator will be used very little and not worth paying a difference, not necessarily a significant one, for its good quality. In most cases, the price difference comes from generators and the quality of its components from the manufacturer costs that must meet certain standards in manufacturing generators. Try to remember or to ask what parts were changed after passing a winter in a generation old Dacia and similar will understand the difference between a generator and a cheaper more efficient, but more expensive. In the past, those rubber nipples Dacia was on every street corner, but a generator of today equipped with components less quality and no one heard, you'll have to replace the generator with a new one. For other useful information and tips on buying their generators can access the page noastradespre generators.
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21 Ialomicioarei Street, Bucharest
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