Ekium Romania

Ekium Romania
NameEkium Romania
SectorService Providers
DefiningEKIUM’s ambition is the solving of problems for industrial companies and providing a complete assistance for site owners, engineering companies and equipment manufacturers.
Brief Turnover: 12.16 mil lei
Profit: -1.0577 mil lei
Employees: 73
Key People Florent Signoret - Manager Proiect
EKIUM’s ambition is the solving of problems for industrial companies and providing a complete assistance for site owners, engineering companies and equipment manufacturers. The group strives to be a real partner for its customers and handles all design work in very diverse sectors of activity.
8 Saint Niceta street, District 2, Bucharest
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Electrawinds is an international renewable energy company which was founded in Belgium. As an electricity company, Electrawinds produces green energy from wind, biomass and solar. This involves recent installations that have been realised in good neighbourship. In the biomass sector, the vertical integration-strategy in 2012 resulted in the initiation of ...
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Following the separation of electricity distribution activities of the supply, a process completed in 2007 FDFEE Electrica Muntenia Nord SA was reorganized as a new functional model according to the requirements of the European legislation and Romanian. Thus was created a distribution subsidiary - ELECTRICAL DISTRIBUTION FDEE Muntenia Nord and ...
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The main mission of the branch is to ensure the distribution service to all of its clients, within superior quality parameters, according to the international standards that are in effect on the energy market. All activities and personnel that support the accomplishment of this major objective will abide by the ...
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FDEE Electrica Transilvania Sud Distribution is one of the eight regional distribution companies for electricity in Romania, providing the main electricity supply and transit networks that society holds the distribution license area to approximately 2.6 million , based on the experience and tradition of over 100 years in the field. ...
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Electrica SA, a subsidiary of electric group was set up in 2011, according to GD 930 / 01.09.2010, the merger of the former subsidiaries providing electric group. The main activity of SC Electrica S.A. is the sale of electricity. The tradition of over 100 years of expertise, the company relies ...
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The Company’s top position is backed up by its economic results, as well as by its over 120 years long experience in the market. ELECTRICA S.A. has national coverage, its local branches being located in the three areas of North Transylvania, South Transylvania, North Muntenia and also the entire country, ...
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Electrica Serv’s main object of activity is to execute maintenance and reparations works for power distribution and transport networks and installations (110 kV); to supply various services and to perform investment works in the energy sector. Electrica Serv is now the most powerful and competitive supplier for electric power services ...
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We are your ideal partner in providing safety solutions for power supply, providing a wide range of generators (gensets) to ensure optimal operation of your electrical equipment. We are with you to identify the solution that best suits your needs whether you are a domestic or industrial user. To help ...
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ELECTRO-TOTAL is a private company established in 1991 and working in the area of industrial automation. Over the last fifteen years ELECTRO-TOTAL became one of the most important Romanian system integrators and distributors for industrial automation related products, applications and services. An important part in this ascending evolution has been ...
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Electroglobal Ltd., founded in 2004, provides advanced solutions dedicated to the industrial sector in the following areas: automation, motors and electrical drivers, low voltage switchgear, electrical equipment, cables and lighting systems even for EX environments. Related services portfolio includes: design and software development, state of the art design and assembly ...