CN Administratia Porturilor Constanta

CN Administratia Porturilor Constanta
NameCN Administratia Porturilor Constanta
SectorService Providers
DefiningConstanta is one of the major distribution centers serving the region of Central and Eastern Europe, offering a number of advantages. Constanta is both seaport and river port. Facilities of the Port of Constanta allow any type of ship mooring river.
Brief Turnover: 248.31 mil lei
Profit: 35.5759 mil lei
Employees: 897
Key People Valeriu Nicolae - Director General
C.N. Maritime Ports Administration S.A. Constanta port authority acting for Romanian maritime ports - Constanta, Midia and Mangalia and tourist port Tomis, aims to provide quality service and competitive port customers, developed transport infrastructure and environmental conditions, safety and security port, encouraging and attracting freight traffic and making the important port of Constanta transit center - providing the shortest alternative transport to central Europe - and regional distribution center - leader - for the area served.
Near Constanta Harbor, Maritima Railroad, 900900, Constanta, Romania
+4.0241.611.540, +4.0241.619.512
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