BCR Pensii

BCR Pensii
NameBCR Pensii
SectorPrivate pensions
DefiningBCR PENSII is a BCR Group subsidiary specializing in managing private pension funds established in June 2007.
Key People Lucian Anghel - President - General Director
Adela Maria Cercel - Member - Executive Director
Melania Mirea - Member - Executive Director
BCR PENSII has an extremely dynamic private pension market in Romania which has enhanced the company's position in the market. In 2009, BCR PENSII completed the acquisition Omniforte Private pension fund compulsory pensions market, and all entered the market in 2009 by taking voluntary retirement pension fund BCR Prudent, and in early 2010 completed the acquisition of two funds private pension market.
BCR currently manages PENSIONS: BCR Private pension fund and BCR PLUS pension fund, currently occupying second place in the private pension market facultative. At the end of December 2014, BCR Pensions, Management Company Private Pension Funds SA privately administered pension accounts over half a million Romanian lei and 1.3 billion net assets under management, according to the FSA - Pensions Private Sector.
Calea Victoriei nr. 15, etaj 3, podium, aripa sud - sud est, sector 3, Bucuresti
Bucharest, 15 Victoriei street, 3rd floor, podium, south-east wing

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