CIS Gaz wins the 22 million lei contract for the Mintia-Brad-Stei pipeline


CIS Gaz is the winner of the tender organized by Transgaz for the realization of the natural gas pipeline Mintia-Brad-Stei, the 1st stage of Mintia-Brad, Hunedoara County, about 22.5 million lei worth.

According to an awarding announcement published by Transgaz on the Electronic Public Procurement System (SEAP), the object of the contract is the Mintia-Brad-Stei gas pipeline: Stage I Mintia-Brad section, Hunedoara County, DN 300, length approx. 35 kilometers, says Agerpres.

The contract was awarded by open tender on the basis of the lowest price and was not covered by the public procurement agreement. At auction three offers were submitted but only two were admissible.

According to the announcement, the contract can be subcontracted, so that „the bidder Cis Gaz SA declares that it subcontracted to Condmag SA «the works for the execution of the pipeline installation» for «the realization of the Mintia-Brad-Stei gas pipeline: the first stage Mintia-Brad, Hunedoara county»“. Part of the contract that may be subcontracted is values at 6.959.786,03 lei (VAT excluded).


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