Chiriţoiu: We amend the Unfair Competition Law, in order to intervene if a large company abuses the bargaining power in relation to suppliers


The Competition Council has elaborated a project for amending the Unfair Competition Law, so that the relationship between large companies, with a market share of 20-30%, and small ones, where it is not possible to intervene according to the Competition Law, said the president of the authority, Bogdan Chiriţoiu.

“It is an update of the law, based on the experience we have had so far. We have clarified the violations, we have enriched the methods of investigation, using the tools we have on the Competition Law. These are usual things, let’s say. What is really special is that, if until now, in the Unfair Competition Law, we only discussed how a company relates to another competing company, now we also deal with the relations between companies that have commercial relations, whether they are suppliers or customers. We are talking about the relationship between large firms and small firms, about how a large firm treats its customers or small suppliers. Practically, this is the novelty in the law, the fact that we will take care also of the exploitation of the superior negotiating position, a provision that already exists in other states of the European Union,” Chiriţoiu explained, according to Agerpres.

The President of the Competition Council stressed that the change was determined by the existence of complaints regarding incorrect treatment that large companies apply to smaller companies with which they interact, but also by the fact that, coming after a period of crisis, this type of behavior might worsen or increase numerically, as many companies emerge weak from the crisis and will be more vulnerable to unfair treatment.


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