Chiriţoiu: The position in ACER’s management complies very well with my activity at the Competition Council


The president of the Competition Council, Bogdan Chiriţoiu, said that the position as member of the Board of Directors of ACER, in which he was elected on Friday by the EU Council, is very complementary to his activity within the Romanian competition authority.

“It is an honor that I was nominated by Romania and supported by several Member States and came out second and thus have a full member position on the Board of Directors for a period of four years,” he said .

According to Chiriţoiu, ACER is a new agency model, with improved governance, according to Agerpres. “In its management are represented both the representatives of the Member States, the Parliament and the European Commission. It is an interesting experience to contribute to the development of a new model of the European agency. ACER has the role to contribute to the creation of the European energy market, one of the most important reforms currently underway in Europe and which will help European consumers, both domestic and industrial, have access to cheaper and safer energy, leading to the growth of Europe’s energy independence,” Chiriţoiu said.


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