CGMB: 5,000 eco-vouchers of 9,000 lei each, in exchange for handing over a polluting vehicle


The city councilors adopted on Wednesday the project regarding the granting of 5,000 eco-vouchers worth 9,000 lei in exchange for handing over a used car, for the benefit of people with stable residence in the central area of the capital (ZACA), according to Agerpres.

For the implementation of the program, the approval of the award of 5,000 eco-vouchers in the amount of 9,000 lei/ eco-voucher is approved in the period 2020-2021. The granting of a single eco-voucher will be made, upon request, in exchange for handing over a used vehicle that has the non-Euro, Euro 1 or Euro 2 pollution norm. In order to grant the eco-voucher, the persons with permanent residence in ZACA perimeter will have priority.

Eco-vouchers can be used for the purchase of new cars with the pollution norm to ensure a low level of emissions – Euro 6, non-diesel, electric or hybrid, other alternative means of locomotion, non-diesel or electric, household appliances with higher energy class or electronics, according to

The provisions of the project will be applied to individuals or families who own a single polluting car in the non-Euro, Euro 1 or Euro 2 category.


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