CEZ Vânzare extends until June 30 the term in which its customers can study its offers


In order to help its domestic customers in a universal service regime, CEZ Vânzare offers the possibility to choose an appropriate tariff on the competitive market until 30.06.2021. The benefit of discount invoicing for the period in which the new Universal Service price will be applied remains valid.

The electricity and natural gas supplier continues the information campaign of its customers, in the context of the liberalization of the electricity market, but also the series of benefits offered, extending the period until which they can study CEZ Vânzare offers to make an informed choice.

CEZ Vânzare will continue to inform its customers both on online channels and through written correspondence.

CEZ Vânzare has prepared a portfolio of electricity products that also includes products with or without a monthly subscription, with home emergency assistance services or with a smart thermostat included, with the help of which consumers can control from anywhere the house temperature and costs. electricity.

For fully digital customers, CEZ Vânzare has developed an exclusive online product CEZ Verde Online, which offers 100% renewable energy, at a special price.


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