CE Oltenia will get new loans for the payment of carbon certificates


The director of the Oltenia Energy Complex, Sorin Boza, told the local press that the short-term solution for the company is to contract a loan for the payment of the emission certificates. Boza confirms that the company might access a loan from the Treasury, which could be 1.1 billion lei, for the payment of the certificates

Boza told BizMagazin which were the results of the first meetings with the representatives of the new Government. Here is the statement quoted by e-nergia.ro:

“The second meeting was one in which we discussed in detail the two urgent topics: the memorandum, the removal from the forest fund and the part of expropriations. At this second meeting, President Dan Vîlceanu was also present, who took over, say, the first part of the memorandum, the part of granting the loan, already having a first discussion with Mr. Cîțu, and next week, together with Mr. Virgil Popescu we’ll discuss the legal and correct solution for granting the loan necessary to purchase CO2 certificates by April 31, 2020.”

“We bought certificates during this period, we completed the purchase of certificates from the PNI phase I, until the end of the year we will finalize the ones from phase II, we also bought some in the free markets, but we will never have the amount necessary to purchase all the certificates”, a said Boza.


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