CE Oltenia plan comprises two new hydropower plants in Oltenia, Turceni and Ișalnița


The decarbonisation program of the Oltenia Energy Complex, subject to the attention of the Government and part of the memorandum already approved to support the company, contains an element that has not been mentioned so far: the construction of hydroelectric plants in Oltenia, according to e-nergia.ro.

In order to diversify the internal mix of EC Oltenia, the company provided in the decarbonisation plan the construction of two micro-hydro plants, according to the memorandum approved by the Government.

It is about a 10 MW to be located in SE Turceni and a 2 MW to be located in SE Ișalnița. Construction of the first would begin in 2022, and the other in 2023. Most likely, they will be located on the Jiu River.


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