CE Oltenia initiates the process against former managers and members of the SB


Bogdan Tudorache

CE Oltenia proposed to the shareholders (Romanian state) the approval, within the ordinary general meeting of shareholders (OGSM) of June 9, “to adopt a decision on the legal exercise of liability actions filed against Board members nominated in the Report of the Control Body of the Minister of Energy registered with no. 270.210 / CCM / 17.09.2018, respectively Boza Gheorghe Sorinel, Vasile Dan and Bălăcescu Ovidiu, endorsed by the Decision of the Supervisory Board no. 16/ 22.04.2020,” is shown in the summoning document.

At the same time, the document consulted by energynomics.ro states, at art 2, “Adoption of a timetable for drawing responsibility and prosecuting lawsuits filed against former members of the Supervisory Board, in order to rule accordingly against the following persons: Ciurel Laurențiu Dan, Antonie Daniel and Popescu Adrian Luminița, as former members of the Management Board and Bobalcă Cornel, Cudric Valentin, Codescu Dan, Marin Florin, Ghelasi Robert, Nichifor Cătălin Mihai and Micu Mirela Cristina, former members of the Supervisory Board, endorsed by the Decision of the Supervisory Board no. 16/ 22.04.2020.”

Therefore, the actions will be taken against the leadership during the mandate of Laurențiu Ciurel, as well as the mandate of Sorin Boza.

The document issued on April 30 is signed by the chairman of the board, Daniel Burlan.


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