CE Oltenia – four PV parks, financed by the Modernization Fund


The restructuring and decarbonisation plan of the Oltenia Energy Complex, for which the company expects from the consultants the feasibility study, also considers the construction of four photovoltaic parks in the thermal power plants depots.

In the announcement by which the CEO requests the feasibility study for restructuring and decarbonisation, the specifications for each component of this plan, including the one for the installation of photovoltaic panels are provided, according to e-nergia.ro.

In total, the company provides 595 hectares of land for the construction of these photovoltaic parks, as written in the specifications.

The average annual efficiency of each installation must be of at least 15%, according to the specifications in the task book, and the lifetime of each photovoltaic park must be of at least 20 years, with a maximum efficiency reduction of 20% at the end of the operating period.


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