Caprau: There is no single answer to future fuels; the industry is in a dilemma regarding investments


The oil industry is in a dilemma, as there is no predictability for the fuel of the future and it is difficult to make the decision to invest in one solution or another, Radu Caprau, director of OMV Petrom’s Downstream Oil division, said on Tuesday, quoted by Agerpres.

He pointed out that, currently, diesel consumption has a slight growth trend, that of gasoline – a slight decreasing trend, while the use of kerosene, aviation fuel, is on an upward slope, with an increased contribution to emissions level.

“The downward trend of consumption will be seen slowly in all fuels, as engines become more efficient. Most manufacturers focus on the area of efficiency, low consumption of engines,” he believes.

Caprau showed that electric cars are an alternative for small cars, but their price is now quite high.

“The subsidy is not enough and, from the analysis of consumption habits, the customers want a significant autonomy for transport, which at the moment we do not have for the electric solution. At present, the electric car is not the only car of the family, but the second,” said the representative of OMV Petrom.


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