Burghiu, Termoenergetica: We reduced the debt to 8-9 million lei


Bogdan Tudorache

Termoenergetica has paid most of the outstanding debts to ELCEN, told energynomics.ro, Alexandru Burghiu, the administrator of Termoenergetica.

“At the moment we have only 8-9 million lei, due in the grace period, from 168 million. This is the sum, somewhere between 8 and 9 million, depending on how the distribution is made in the escrow account – yesterday (March 9) there were 10 million. The rest is due March 30. By then, much of it will be paid… I hope we will find solutions, not have debts at the end of the season. And they will certainly be found,” he said.

However, he said that the level of capitalization of Termoenergetica depends on subsidies. “We have a subscribed capital of 640 million lei, which includes several areas, including investments that we must make. At the moment we have a part of the capital paid for what is work capital, so that we do not have an impact on the payment of salaries and other such issues. The rest will be paid when the City hall will have availabilities. Last year the government gave 538 million lei for the topic of heating, this year did not give any leu. These are the conditions, in the context in which the Capital budget is somewhat the same – in particular, it does not support, without any help, this payment in its entirety,” Burghiu told us.

Also, Claudiu Crețu, ELCEN’s manager, says that the company will have funds to make investments in 2020, but “small investments, for modernization and environment”. For large investments, a new plan will be subject to shareholder approval, probably on March 24th. “At present, Termoenergetica has paid almost all its debt for December. For January nothing of the 181 million lei was collected, and after the grace period, penalties will be imposed,” says Crețu.


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