Burghiu denies Sierra’s accusations: The contract with ELCEN has been signed


Bogdan Tudorache

The new head of Termoenergetica (formerly RADET) told energynomics.ro that the statements of the ELCEN administrator, Sierra Quadrant, of today, according to which the Capital’s heating system operates illegally, after Termoenergetica refused to sign the contract with ELCEN, are false.

“At the moment, the contract is signed,” he told us, explaining that in the negotiation conditions were obtained terms that had not been previously negotiated “for the past 30 years”, such as the increase of payment periods with ELCEN and “an advance from the City Hall of Bucharest on the 15th of the current month”.

The administrator of ELCEN submitted to the editorial office at energynomics.ro earlier in the day a statement saying that Termoenergetica delayed the signing of the framework contract with ELCEN. ”In parallel, following the force policy imposed by the Bucharest City Hall (PMB) which forced ELCEN to deliver hot water free to RADET, Termoenergetica requests ELCEN to supply a thermal agent based on daily orders, outside the contract, ie illegally.

”In order to complete the picture of the bad manner in which both the PMB and the Termoenergetica management understood to handle the dramatic situation of the heating – already having the experience of RADET bankruptcy – we inform you that almost 30 days after the General Council meeting of the Municipality of Bucharest in which decided to increase the capital of Termoenergetica by approximately 650 million lei, PMB did not transfer any lei to the company’s accounts.

This means that Termoenergetica, following the RADET model, will receive free thermal energy from ELCEN and will accumulate debts ”, argues Sierra Quadrant, who claims to request advance payment for the thermal agent. Burghiu says, however, that the energy will be paid by the new advance obtained form City Hall.


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