Burghiu contradicts Dumitrașcu: Termoenergetica has all legal approvals


Bogdan Tudorache

Termoenergetica has all the necessary approvals, told energynomics.ro Alexandru Burghiu, the director of the new company owned by the City Hall, which will take over the RADET assets.

“One of the documents requested by ANRE for obtaining the license was the delegation contract. How could we have obtained the ANRE license before the delegation contract?,” told energynomics.ro, Alexandru Burghiu, on Monday.

Yesterday the former head of RADET, Gabriel Dumitrașcu, stated that Termoenergetica did not obtain the operator’s license for the district heating system, as provided by law, and the deed, according to art. 45 (4) (e) of law 325/2006, constitutes a contravention and is sanctioned with a fine from 30,000 lei to 50,000 lei, according to financialintelligence.ro.

“Mr. Dumitrașcu refers to certain articles of law, but I advise him to go deeper, not only in this superficial way, in the law and the regulations and orders through which ANRE works and to see that there are other legal solutions and procedures,” Burghiu also said.


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