BSE’s largest energy companies get excellent scores in the Whitebook on Communication


Nuclearelectrica got the maximum score in the quality of communication with investors as assessed by the Bucharest Stock Exchange marketing team. Except for those in insolvency or in judicial reorganization (e.g. Energopetrol, Condmag, Dafora), the energy companies have scored excellent, with Conpet, Electrica, OMV Petrom, Transelectrica, Romgaz and Transgaz getting at least 9 out of 10 points.

PetrolExportImport and Oil Terminal are among the few energy companies with poor results – 1.75 and, respectfully, 4 points out of 10. Also, Uztel, got only three points in the assessment made by BSE. Rompetrol Rafinare and Rompetrol Well Services also have modest results (6.75 – for both companies), dragged down by their lack of response to the mail request from a dummy investor.

Bucharest Stock Exchange published the third edition of the Whitebook on Communication of Listed Companies, an assessment carried out over the months of August and September 2017 with a purpose of evaluating the quality and accuracy of information provided to investors by issuers listed on BVB‘s Main Market.

The purpose of the Whitebook is to show best practices of listed companies when it comes to communicating with the investors while, at the same time, to pinpoint the weaknesses and give companies sufficient information to improve their websites as well as the manner in which they interact with investors.

Over 85 domestic companies listed on Bucharest Stock Exchange’s Main Market were examined, and the analysis consisted of two complementary dimensions: qualitative evaluation and matrix assessment. In order to track the progress done by the companies, an almost identical scoring and assessment system has been used as during the previous Whitebook assessment (May 2017). All the issuers were thus assessed on a 10-points scale which covered aspects such as: user friendliness of the website, easiness to find IR information, equal access to information for both Romanian and English speaking investors, accuracy and completeness of information provided, information about company being listed as well as promptness and accuracy in providing answer to an IR-related questions via e-mail.

As compared to the previous evaluation, the number of companies that registered a top score of 9 – 10 points has doubled, reaching 17 issuers that is 20% of all domestic listed companies.

The full list of findings as well as the companies’ individual assessments can be found in the 3rd Edition of the Whitebook on Communication of Listed Companies, available HERE.


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