Bogdan Badea, Hidroelectrica: We hope for a dual listing on the Bucharest and London stock exchanges


The listing of Hidroelectrica, as well as the package of shares placed on the market, depends on the will of the shareholders and the market context, which must be favorable to the company, says the president of the Board of Hidroelectrica, Bogdan Badea.

“At the internal level, we have already made the necessary decisions regarding the projects with complex functions and we are ready. Basically, we overcame the main obstacle to a possible initial public offer (IPO). Moreover, for the first time in the last seven years, we have from the auditors – for the year 2018 – an unreserved opinion regarding the results. Now, if we enter an effective calendar, it is likely that the listing could happen in 2020. If the decision is made and we quickly start the selection procedures of the listing consultant, the listing consortium and the legal consultant, the Hidroelectrica listing is feasible. Of course, it also depends on the advice of the consultants regarding the most appropriate moment for this”, said Badea, according to

Badea says the listing could take place, according to new estimates, in September 2020.

“At present, the challenge regarding the listing is related to the Ordinance 114/2018. Its provisions have clear effects that diminish the market value of Hidroelectrica, or our interest is to obtain the maximum financial benefits from the listing … We hope for a dual listing, on the Bucharest and London stock exchanges, but if this does not if possible, we will certainly be listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, given the progress made by the BSE in recent years. Naturally, this is, as I said, the decision taken by the shareholders and the size of the share package,” said Badea.


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