Badea: Hidroelectrica’s IPO in 2020, provided for in the new Liberal government’s governance program, is now uncertain


Hidroelectrica’s IPO planned for 2020 is no longer certain if the Regulatory Authority (ANRE) will force the energy producer to supply cheap energy on the regulated market to the last-resort suppliers, who have become the new “smart guys” of energy, said Bogdan Badea, president of the Hidroelectrica’s management.

“We are 100% ready for listing, these days we are launching the procedure for acquiring consultants, but I do not know if we’ll have it any more, given the profitability indicators of Hidroelectrica, through what the regulator proposes, by the further regulation of GEO 114,” said Badea, quoted by Agerpres.

He referred to an order of ANRE, which entered into force on Thursday, which stipulates that Hidroelectrica will deliver to the regulated market up to 65% of the production, from July 1 to December 31, 2020, to the suppliers of last resort. This, at a lower price than the one on the free market, which would bring considerable damage to the hydro producer.


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